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Ordering + Shipping

 Ordering  and Shipping

Please notice that these animals are not suitable for children under 3 years (wool fibers in the mouth of your baby are not what you really want).

If you request any special animal, for example your personal pet, it is necessary to send me at least one or even more photographs, showing several perspectives and details of your favored animal. The quantity and the quality of your descriptions will help me to find the special character of your pet.

If you would just like to order an animal like a little polar bear, brown bear, a mouse or a grey donkey with no special details, it will be sufficient  to tell me which animal you prefer.
Please inform me of the approximate measure you have in  mind.                                                                                                                                       I am  not able to felt animals much bigger than 12 inches.                                        It is also not possible to create long and fluffy fur.

Favored order by email (->Kontakt), including contact details and photos.
The price is depending on the time and the amount of wool that I need.
In addition I have to bring the shipping costs to account.

To assure that you will really get the pet that you wished, I am going to send you a photo of my work and will now be able to tell you the definite price. You can now decide whether you like to take it or not. If it comes up to your expectations please transfer the amount by using PAYPAL and your stuffed animal is ready to begin its journey to you.